Timbers of Kerala

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Scientific Name  Canarium strictum Roxb.
Trade Name  White dhup
Local Name  Kundrikam, Panta-payin, thelli-payin
Family  Burseraceae
Tree Size  Large to very large
Tree Height ( m )  20 -
Tree Diameter ( cm )  50 -
Tree Distribution  West coast tropical evergreen, Southern secondary moist deciduous and southern hill-top evergreen forests
Sapwood-Heartwood Distinction  Not distinct
Sapwood Colour  Creamy white to yellowish-grey
Heartwood Colour  Creamy white to yellowish-grey
Hardness  Moderately hard
Specific Gravity Based on Weight Over-dry and Volume Green 
Weight  Moderately heavy
Weight(Kg)/cubic meter at 12% Moisture Content  655 -
Texture  Coarse
Grain  Interlocked
Growth Rings  Scarcely distinct
Porosity  Diffuse porous
Vessel Size  Medium
Vessel Arrangement  Solitary or in radial multiples of 2, 3 or more
Vessel Diameter   -
Vessel Element Lenght  -
Pit Outline 
Pit Size 
Vessel Ray Pitting 
Ray Nature  Moderately broad, rather widely spaced
Ray Arrangement/Type 
Ray Number  -
Ray Height  -
Fibre Walls 
Fiber Length 
Modulus of Rupture in kg/cm2 (Green)  666.6
Modulus of Elasticity in kg/cm2 (Green)  118600
Modulus of Rupture kg/cm2 (Dry)  949.3
Modulus of Elasticity in kg/cm2 (Dry)  137000
Uses  Flush door shutters; Class II plywood; furniture; panelling; Blackboards; light packing cases; match splints; pencil slats

College of Forestry - KAU