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Scientific Name  Santalum album Linn.
Trade Name  Sandalwood
Local Name  Chandanam
Family  Santalaceae
Tree Size  Small
Tree Height ( m )  7 - 10
Tree Diameter ( cm )  15 - 25
Tree Distribution  Mainly in South Indian states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu,Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.Occasional in Southern dry mixed deciduous forests in Marayur
Sapwood-Heartwood Distinction  Distinct
Sapwood Colour  Whitish
Heartwood Colour  Yellowish
Hardness  Hard
Specific Gravity Based on Weight Over-dry and Volume Green  0.96
Weight  Heavy
Weight(Kg)/cubic meter at 12% Moisture Content  945
Texture  Fine textured
Grain  Straight to slightly wavy grain
Growth Rings  Distinct
Porosity  Diffuse porous
Vessel Size  Small to very small
Vessel Arrangement  Solitary
Vessel Diameter   55 - 70 60
Vessel Element Lenght  300 - 480 480
Perforation  Simple
Pit Outline  Polygonal
Pit Size  Medium (6-9 Ám),non-vestured
Vessel Ray Pitting  Alternate and polygonal,sometimes with much reduced border
Ray Nature  Fine to very fine, numerous and closely spaced
Ray Arrangement/Type  1-12cells seriate, heterogeneous type-lll .Body of ray made up of procumbent cells with one or two marginal rows of square cells
Ray Number  6 - 9
Ray Height  200 - 420 295
Fibre Walls  Thin to thick walled,non-septate; bordered pits on radial and tangential walls
Fiber Length 
Modulus of Rupture in kg/cm2 (Green) 
Modulus of Elasticity in kg/cm2 (Green) 
Modulus of Rupture kg/cm2 (Dry) 
Modulus of Elasticity in kg/cm2 (Dry) 
Uses  Extraction of essential oil and carving. The oil is used in perfumery both in India and Europe, for medicines for scenting inferior woods used in carving, for scenting cigarette box linings, making cast marks in China for scenting coffins, chess, discus & carom droughts, joinery & interior fittings, boxes, combs and picture frames
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