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Scientific Name  Pterocarpus santalinus L.f.
Trade Name  Red sanders
Local Name  Rakthachandanam
Family  Leguminosae
Tree Size  Moderate
Tree Height ( m )  10
Tree Diameter ( cm )  35
Tree Distribution  Gregariously on the dry hill slopes of the Eastern Ghats. Endemic to Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu
Sapwood-Heartwood Distinction  Sharply demarcated
Sapwood Colour  Yellowish white
Heartwood Colour  Dark orange red
Hardness  Hard to very hard
Specific Gravity Based on Weight Over-dry and Volume Green  0.96
Weight  Very heavy
Weight(Kg)/cubic meter at 12% Moisture Content  1121
Texture  Fine textured
Grain  Interlocked to wavy grain
Growth Rings  Indistinct or barely visible even under the hand lens
Porosity  Diffuse porous
Vessel Size  Large to small
Vessel Arrangement  Solitary and in radial multiples of two to three
Vessel Diameter   70 - 320 190
Vessel Element Lenght  165 - 360 360
Perforation  Simple
Pit Outline 
Pit Size  Small ( 4-7 Ám),vestured
Vessel Ray Pitting  Alternate and pits smaller
Ray Nature  Fine to very fine, closely spaced and uniformly distributed
Ray Arrangement/Type  Storied, one to two seriate,usually uniseriate,homogeneous type. Body of ray made up of procumbent cells
Ray Number  13 - 16
Ray Height  140 - 215 160
Fibre Walls  Thin to thick walled,non-septate with simple pits
Fiber Length 
Modulus of Rupture in kg/cm2 (Green)  1251.3
Modulus of Elasticity in kg/cm2 (Green)  127300
Modulus of Rupture kg/cm2 (Dry)  1306.4
Modulus of Elasticity in kg/cm2 (Dry)  135200
Uses  Red sanders has two varieties: one with wavy grain is called as quality wood which is exported to Japan for musical instrument called shamisen and the other without wavy grain is called as non-quality wood which is popular wood for carving idols, toys, ornamental house posts agricultural implements, spot goods, tool handles and picture frames. Powder and chips are used for the manufacture of days and medicines, bentwood articles, joinery & interior fittings, shafts and boxes
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